Kevin has developed a number of online courses which you can purchase via Udemy.com using the links next to the relevant course. Course materials include high quality video presentations by Kevin, audio files, narrated PowerPoint presentations and handouts. each course has a number of tasks that help to reinforce learning for you and your colleagues.

Each course has a certificate of completion which can be used as evidence to show your continual professional development

Why not check out the course/s now by clicking on one of the links below?. Each course has some free presentations to help you decide if its the course for you. Good luck!

To discuss access to online courses for all of your staff, please get in touch.

Online Courses:

Eating Disorders Certificate

This is a comprehensive introduction to eating disorders, that focuses in Anorexia Nervosa, Binge Eating and Bulimia Nervosa. The course is suitable for professionals who may come into contact with client's who have been diagnosed with an eating disorder. The course is also suitable for families, friends and carers of a person with an eating disorder.


Mental Health Certificate‚Äč

This is a comprehensive introduction to the area of mental health, suitable for anyone with an interest in the area of mental health and illness. It is especially suitable for staff who work with people experiencing mental ill health, or for people with friends or family members who experience mental ill health. 


How to be an Expert Witness

In this course, I cover all aspects of work as an Expert Witness, otherwise referred to as Medico Legal work. From how to write a Medico Legal Report to how to put together your Terms and Conditions, this course will provide the potential expert with most of the information needed to begin their career as an Expert Witness.


Cognitive Behavior Therapy Certificate‚Äč

This is a 10 session course (containing 20 lecture videos, word handouts, mp3 sound file lectures and a quiz to help reinforce the learning). The course introduces the student to all of the basics of Cognitive Behavior Therapy. Including: how it developed, how it works, the ABC model of distress, life rules, core beliefs and the links between what we think and how we feel.