Online Bookings for Telephone Assessment

Solicitors and Agencies can book their clients for telephone assessment, directly into the online calendar.  See below:


Click here to Book a Client: 

(Booking telephone and webcam assessments only, liaise with us about face to face assessments)

Click the above link and you will be taken directly to the booking page on

• Click on the box “Psychological Assessment”

• Click on “See Times”

• The calendar with available slots will appear

• For evening appointments, click “see more times” at bottom of page

• Click on the required date/time for assessment appointment

• This automatically gives a 30-minute appointment slot

• Enter Full name of client and their email address…or you may prefer to enter your own email address (Agency/Solicitor) and receive confirmation of the booking via email

• Enter the client’s mobile phone number (they will get an SMS to confirm their appointment)

• Enter your name (Agency/Solicitor)

• Enter Your Email Address (Agency/Solicitor)

• Enter Your Phone Number (Agency/Solicitor)

• Click continue…this will enter the booking onto the calendar

• Bookings will then be automatically confirmed via SMS text and email 

• All done!...assessment will go ahead as requested.

. Remember to send additional info/instruction/medical records etc as usual to [email protected]