Our Directors

An ongoing series of informational entries

Theresa A Kahn (Founder & Director)

January 15, 2017

Published Author, Intuitive Life Coach and Practising Therapist, (Reiki Master Teacher and Medical Reiki).  Theresa Kahn’s impressive achievements in the field of Education, Training and Therapeutic interventions have been of immense benefit to clients and organisations alike.

Theresa’s training in education brought her to teaching students from many countries, cultures and faith backgrounds. She became coordinator of projects with the National Probation Service, Health and Social Care Departments - helping to bring education to those unable to ‘fit into the more traditional way of learning’.  Theresa has now left the more conventional working life and now devotes her time to the provision of Health, Well-being, Consultancy, and a range of therapeutic interventions.

Theresa works with both individuals and groups, both face to face and via a range of virtual/online programs.

For additional information about Theresa click: www.theresakahn.com

Kevin M O'Doherty (Founder & Director)

February 14, 2017

Kevin acts as an Expert Witness, carrying out psychological assessments and compiling medico-legal reports for Law firms, Insurance Companies and Agencies across the UK and Eire. He also carries out professional Immigration Removal Center and Prison visits to assess clients.  Assessments are carried out face to face, via telephone and webcam Tele-medicine.

Mental Health Professional, Author and Cognitive Behaviour Therapist; Kevin O’Doherty has been providing corporate solutions to a range of organisations for several years. He specialises in organisational mental health and well-being and staff/team dynamics.

Whether working with companies to address training needs, motivational issues or team dynamics, Kevin works from an extensive knowledge base and well honed teaching and training skills, to help bring about optimum results for individuals and teams alike. 

Kevin is completing a Masters Degree in Forensic Mental Health with University of West of Scotland.

See also www.cgforensicmentalhealth.com